About DK

Drin boasts more than 15 years of progressive graphic and web design experience derived from multiple assignments in the US and Europe. His professionalism, combined with a rare combination of craftsmanship and an excellent radar for understanding what his client wants sets him apart from an over-crowded field of graphic designers.

We have been working with Drin to our great satisfaction.
In the first place he is a real good professional with a rare combination of designers craftsmanship (he has a really good and refined taste), combined with a very good antenna for understanding what his customer wants. In that way he each and every time manages to come up with designs that we really like: a mix of what is our taste PLUS always some added value, a positive surprise, something that we ourselves would never have thought of. In other words: Exactly what you hire such a designer for. His performance always justifies the reason why we hired him.
— Vincent Rouwmaat, CBC Kosovo Teamleader

Graphic design:

  • Designing logos

  • Corporate branding

  • Brochure layout

  • Posters

  • Catalogs

  • Covers for books, magazines, etc.

  • Vehicle Graphics

  • Photo retouching

  • Photo masking

  • Illustrations

UX / UI:

  • Mobile App Protoyping

  • Custom company Website

  • Custom personal website

  • Fully integrated e-commerce website